What We Do

License League currently administers the CAP Compliant Article Program®  designed to monetize content at the article level for the 81 participating content owners and the 2500+ titles they own. These titles range from the New York Times to the Joplin Globe, From Vogue Magazine to the Congressional Quarterly.

Our program provides not only convenience but a huge cost saving by providing access to licensed content from multiple content providers in one place, with one bill and without having to negotiate with those publishers individually.

License League also contracts its competencies to existing copyright licensees to administer the execution and fulfillment of their licenses and acquires additional licenses as needed.

Our purpose is to facilitate the fair and equitable acquisition of compliant content from content providers on behalf of content users. We focus on creating and evolving workable business models based on the actual use cases for the content that respect the needs of the users as well as the providers.

We want to enable content compliance globally by being the source of the most comprehensive catalog of licensed content, providing publishers and content owners with a channel to monetize their content, at a fair price within an aggregated format.