CAP Compliant Article Program® FAQs

What is CAP Compliant Article Program®?

CAP Compliant Article Program® is a licensing program that allows a media monitoring agency and its clients to license print and online content (including content behind paywalls) from the publishers that are part ofCAP Compliant Article Program®.

Why does my organization need to sign with CAP Compliant Article Program®

By signing up for theCAP Compliant Article Program®, media monitoring companies and their clients are protected from breaching copyright.

What happens if my organization is copying content without a CAP Compliant Article Program® agreement in place? 

If your organization does not have direct permission from the publishers or has not signed up for CAP Compliant Article Program®, most likely your organization is infringing copyright. A number of investigations have been conducted and more are under way.

My organization only copies online content; do we need to sign the CAP Compliant Article Program® agreement? 

Publishers also own the copyright of the online content and therefore your organization also needs a license to copy this content.

So how can I sign up to the CAP Compliant Article Program® program?

You can sign up to CAP Compliant Article Program® directly from us.


What content is covered by CAP Compliant Article Program®?

Unlike other licensing programs, that are limited to online newspapers, CAP Compliant Article Program® covers all media distributed by the publisher including print, online, tablet, and mobile.

Why is this program important to my business and my clients?

The purpose of this program is to provide media monitoring service and evaluation providers and their clients with compliant content for searching and viewing in a simple cost effective manner.

What is the benefit of this program for the publishers?

This new program provides a new realistic revenue stream for publishers based on your client’s usage. This will allow publishers to monetize content at the article/photograph/graphic level in the MME market in a simple fair manner.

Which publishers currently participate in the program?

Currently, CAP® has 84 publishers participating representing over 2300 titles . The publisher reaction to this program has been unequivocally positive. The Associated Press (AP), The Washington Post, the Advance newspapers, the Hearst newspapers, The Dallas Morning News, The Seattle Times and Variety are just a few of the content providers participating in the CAP program.

What is the cost of CAP Compliant Article Program® to the service provider?

There is no charge to the MME’s. CAP® is designed to be access and usage based and cost effective for the MME’s Direct Customers.

What is the cost of CAP Compliant Article Program® to the end-user?

CAP Compliant Article Program® will collect fees for access to the desired content for inclusion in the search and then usage fees specific to the usage of the end-user.

What is in it for media monitoring service providers?

●      Compliance – you lessen your liability exposure by providing copyright compliant data to your clients.

●       Efficiently administer royalty programs for U.S. publications. CAP Compliant Article Program® has been established to provide a turnkey copyright ​solution that you pass along directly to your clients.

What is in it for clients?

●       Compliance – your client doesn’t have liability exposure of using publisher content unlawfully.

●       This program will work in conjunction with existing CCC agreements.

●       Low cost of “ownership,” your client receives copyright compliant data for the titles and articles they need.


Who do I work with to provide my content once I’ve signed a CAP Compliant Article Program® agreement?

LLI has a Content Management Group that is dedicated to the  CAP Compliant Article Program® program and will work with your appropriate technical staff to review the requirements and delivery process.


What is the extent of the work on our part by my technical resources to provide content for the CAP Compliant Article Program®?

Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible and minimize the effort required by our publishing partners. We’ve set up a minimum set of requirements that need to be met in order for License League, Inc. to utilize the feeds. In most cases our publishing partners already have feeds in place that provide a starting point.


Will content feeds that I already provide to other services work with the CAP Compliant Article Program®?

As long as the minimum requirements are being met, existing feeds may be used.


How do I send my content to License League, Inc.?

Our preferred method of receipt is to have the content pushed to our FTP servers a minimum of 4 times a day.  If this is not possible to work into your workflow, we do have other methods that we have successfully used.


What type of files should I send?

The content for CAP Compliant Article Program® should be sent as XML format.  At this time we do not need any graphics included with the content.


Should I send all of our content as a single file, or each article individually?

We can handle a feed either way, but if the articles are sent individually we would prefer for each file to have a unique file name.


We use a modified form of XML like NITF, will this work?

As long as the tags are clearly defined, this is usable.


Can you take our content from an RSS feed?

I​f the RSS leads us to XML content, generally we can use it, but this needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


​What information are you looking for in the XML document?

Each article should have:

●       A tag for publication date, preferably formatted as YYYYMMDD

●       A tag for a unique ID, or GUID.  If files are being sent individually, the file name can be used instead of an ID tag.

●       A tag for a byline, when applicable.

●       A tag indicating syndication credit, when applicable.

●       Full article text.

●       A tag populated with a url linking back to your news site.