A Letter From our Founder About Copyright Compliance

The spring of last year the SIIA Copyright Compliance and Licensing (CCL) working group sent out a letter to the Media Monitoring and Evaluation community of companies (you can see the letter here). The members of this group are participants in the License League, Inc. CAP© initiative. A number of investigations have been conducted and more are under way. The message is that compliance is not optional and participation in licensing of content for typical monitoring or analysis use is required. To be clear, anytime a copy of an article is held in a database a license is required. The only point of debate centers around the compliant nature of the format of the delivery of MME results to the end customer.

To facilitate the ease of licensing publishers’ material on a national scale License League, Inc. was created.

License League is in the business of providing licensing for the customers of media monitoring and media analysis companies (MME’s) fairly, equitably, and in one place. The need to negotiate individual license agreements with hundreds of U.S. publishers is avoided. We also recognize that the customer’s need for being copyright compliant follows the need for the content upon which the business operates.

To this end, in addition to the primary purpose of providing licensing on behalf of our participating publishers we also can make available a growing number of direct feeds for our catalogue of titles. For the content for those titles that we have licensing available but no direct feed, the MME can either get the content from an aggregator or obtain it through the MME’s own resources for scanning print or scraping digital.

For this reason, in an effort to provide the greatest convenience for achieving compliance, the LLI catalogue of licensing and the direct feeds it has available can be obtained not only from LLI but as part of the full service aggregation services provided by any number of aggregators such as Lexis/Moreover, Opoint, and in the very near future, Cyberalert.

We invite your questions and look forward to your participation.

Thank you!