The LLI Blog is now open!

Daniel Schaible

Daniel Schaible, Founder and COO at License League Inc

I want to welcome you to the community of the License League, Inc. blog.

First, who we are;

License League, Inc. (LLI) is a company founded by me to provide a solution to the biggest and yet most basic problem media monitoring and evaluation companies (MME’s) have in their efforts to be copyright compliant. Instead of having to engage individually with hundreds of content providers, LLI has done that and is making the licenses available in one place, with one agreement, and one bill. In doing this, LLI is committed to creating fair and equitable relationships between content providers and content users. The program we created to facilitate all this is the Compliant Article Program (CAP)® which is designed to monetize content at the article level for the participating content owners and provide, at fair pricing, convenience and relatively barrier free access to the licensing AND, to the content itself. This licensing, by the way, is delivery channel agnostic and covers print as well as online sourced content. So that is us!

Now about my blog hope;

This blog will have our views but also those of our community on a whole range of topics related to content, copyright, and the MME market segment. We will also write about the work we do and keep you informed about the events we will be attending so we can continue this dialog in person also.

My hope is that this blog will become a place where thought provoking ideas will be offered up by our community as well as our team. These are truly interesting if not tumultuous times in the global copyright community and in the larger content community. I expect to have discussions on the concept of “free” and the purpose of copyright in our society. The topic of the MME industry’s direction in light of recent consolidations will surely be ruminated upon. And, of course, the status of ongoing infringement work by the providers.

The weekly posts (or more often if the fervor runs high) from our team members and esteemed guests will certainly be of interest to anyone even mildly interested in the world of copyright.

We need your thoughts and encourage you to comment and be part of this conversation. We also ask you to bring forward topics you want discussed, related to our work of course.

Let us journey Onward!